Wired For Wellness

Benefits of NWN's Wellness Program

Through our Wired for Wellness initiative, NWN employees have the opportunity to take advantage of wellness program benefits such as helping them to:
  • Reduce stress and rates of illness.
  • Stay informed on health topics and trends.
  • Improve physical fitness and weight management.
  • Encourage and promote healthy behaviors.
  • Create a culture that embraces health and well-being.

Why Wellness at Work?
Americans work almost 2,500 hours every year, which is at least 400 hours more than the average American worked 25 years ago! Since we spend the majority of our time at our job, it is easy to see why our work environment is the best avenue to promote healthy habits and wellbeing. At NWN we help our employees to not only improve their professional goals while working with us, but to achieve their health and wellness goals as well.

What is Wired for Wellness?
As part of our comprehensive benefits package, NWN sponsors a Wired for Wellness program which is available to all of our employees as an aid to assist them with attaining their health and wellness goals. Our Wired for Wellness program consists of fun, voluntary health focused events and educational tools. Every quarter NWN focuses on a new wellness theme such as nutrition, fitness, preventive care, or stress management. To coincide with our wellness themes, NWN provides monthly communication topics and events, which include educational webinars, fitness challenges, email newsletters, quarterly yoga sessions, Fresh Fruit Friday breakfasts, free flu shot clinics, onsite fitness classes like Zumba or CrossFit, a gym discount program and even free chair massage events to help employees relieve stress!

What is a Wellness Champion?
Our NWN Wellness Champions are health focused employees that help share wellness information and motivate co-workers to participate in wellness programs. We have a dedicated Wellness Champion at each office location to coordinate company wellness events and promote our initiatives.

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